Members FAQs


Q: I want to store a boat at UQBC.

A: All boat storage requests should be made by emailing the Club Captain ( UQBC provides limited storage of boats dependent upon space available. Please note, club boats take priority and only leftover space is available for hire. The boat storage fee is $100/seat/year.

If more boats are to be stored than spaces available, order/location of boat space is decided on the basis of (in order of weighting):

  • High performance status (As determined by the Head Coach)
  • Position on waiting list
  • Frequency of use
  • Service to the Club
  • Seniority
  • Fragility of boat (racing shells are more easily damaged than club trainers)

Please note that the Club Captain’s decision is final. You will be allocated a specific rack and only the Club Captain may move boats into different racks.


Q: I want to request a boat to row on a weekly basis.

A: Boat allocations are processed by the Club Captain and displayed on the website and updated regularly. To request a boat, please email As rowing shells are easily damaged and repair/replacement is expensive, UQBC employs a ‘traffic light’ system for boat availability to better look after the fleet.

RED = Restricted

YELLOW = Competitive

GREEN = Club

BLACK = Private boat

Once allocated, a boat is securely allocated for 3 months. Conflicts of allocation will be resolved with boat parties through the Club Captain. Allocations will remain on a rolling basis as required. All allocations are at the discretion of the Club Captain and, if required, consultation with the Head Coach and/or Board of Directors.

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