2023 Convict Chase


Sat 11 Nov 2023 07:00 — 11:30
Brisbane River, Above St Lucia

Event information

This event has passed.

This event is hosted by UQBC and is on Saturday 11 November from Oxley Sailing Club to  Sommerville House  - approx 7 kms

Bail $ 40.00 per offender 

Info link     2023 Convict Chase


All UQBC members please read the following

1. Withdrawal/Scratchings: Please be reminded that with all RQ regattas, withdrawals can be made up until the day of the regatta, however the withdrawal without penalty period ends on the Monday prior to the day of the regatta, hence all scratchings of entries made after that day will need to be paid.

2. "FILL-INS" names: as you know the Club does not permit fill in names being used for entries. Sometimes there are issues with placing entries because someone is not a member, or has not been processed on Rowing Manager. For bigger regattas, it might be prudent to send us a list of athletes who are likely to be competing a few weeks out so that we can identify whether there are any issues. As you know, we do not permit athletes with outstanding debt to be entered, so please allow sufficient time for us to check the athlete's status and engage with them to resolve the matter (ie. agree on a payment plan) prior to entries being due. This will prevent either 'fill-in' names being used, or the crew being unable to be entered.

3. if an athlete no longer rows: should an athlete not be able to row (these things happen) he/she needs to inform Elisabetta treasurer@uqbc.org straight away whether someone is replacing them by emailing name, email address and contact number. Unfortunately, recently we have been unable to identify the athlete who actually rowed in the crew, and therefore we are unable to recover the seat fee from the relevant athlete.

4. Non-UQBC athletes: If you wish to enter a non-UQBC athlete, please ensure that you forward their name, email and phone number to Elisabetta. Please also ensure that you inform the non-UQBC athlete that seat fees are required to be paid in advance. Unfortunately, a significant volume of our write offs and administrative fees are due to non-UQBC athletes failing to pay their seat fees.

We would be grateful if you could pass this information onto the athletes so that they are also aware of these issues and can understand why invoices are issued to them in some circumstances.

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